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Have Betrayal Wounds Been Keeping You Stuck?

Because same.

You know the saying—just because I wear it well, doesn’t mean it’s not heavy.

Betrayal has been coming up a lot these last few months, whether it was during my own personal healing journey, with my friends’ healing journeys, readings or simply in conversation.

When that happens, it’s usually a sign that there’s a collective theme of unfolding happening, so I wanted to share this vulnerable clip with you.

In March, I appeared on the Ménage À Mind podcast to talk all things astrology, healing and spirituality.

It just so happened to also be on the day of the Virgo Full Moon.

I was feeling fine leading up to that day. In fact, I was feeling better than ever, then BAM! I was hit with a deep wave of emotion that I didn’t see coming, and when I sat with it and asked what was coming up, it was a lot of repressed sadness connected to experiences of betrayal.

I was crying up until the moment I stepped foot in the studio. I took a deep breath, fixed my face and put on a smile. I learned how to master masking from a very young age.

Throughout this podcast, which ended up being 2 hours long, I sincerely felt uplifted and enjoyed myself. I always love to gather with like-minded individuals and be able to talk about the things that fascinate me.

(Side note: It really was an amazing conversation with so much insight, so if you want to watch the whole thing, click here.)

Then, the host Orlando, decided to close out the podcast by asking us what we’d like to vent about and who or what we’d like to send love to.

And that’s when I broke.

I knew it was coming. Everything was bubbling right underneath the surface, and although I’m still not totally comfortable crying in front of people, I know it happened for a reason.

I’m sharing this with you as a reminder that time does not heal all wounds. That’s a very popular saying that we hold on to, and while it’s nice and convenient to believe, it’s simply not true.

What you do with that time is what helps you heal those wounds.

So if you’re suddenly facing a surge of emotions connected to experiences you think you’re “supposed” to be over, know that you’re still right on time.

Sometimes, things don’t fully come into view (or embodiment) until we’re ready to accept what has happened and release them. And that’s what happened to me during this podcast.

It may not always be a one and done, but continue to show up for yourself during your tender moments. Mother yourself. Father yourself. And allow these dense and heavy energies to be let go, so you can also make space for new energy and a new story.


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